by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach & Author

Thanks for your kind words as I celebrate being alive for 19,345 full days so far! I think that’s pretty amazing and I’m really grateful for having the gift of life all these years and that I’m still going strong.

Last night at 3:00am, I went outside and I saw a shooting star! I’m in awe of the magic of life and of all the things I’ve personally learned, given that I started, as we all do, with a blank canvas for a mind, and a body of about 5% the size it is today.

Just talking and walking are marvelous but somehow through osmosis and trial and error, I’ve also learned how to sing, dance, write, solve math problems, cook, take photos, drive a car, give a massage, work on a laptop, make videos and on and on and on.

I’ve also learned the art of conversation. I love sharing anecdotes and metaphors and after all of these decades, I have some good stories to tell and have had many interesting conversations along the way! Did you know I once received an award for “Best Storyteller on Staff?”

Yes, having deep conversations and sharing stories with new and old friends from all over the world is what makes this whole journey worthwhile.

So, if you value interesting storytelling conversations as much as I do, here’s what I look for in the people I talk with:

1. Open Hearted
2. Authentic and Honest Communicator
3. Is genuinely interested in the people involved
4. Asks good questions
5. Active Listener
6. Allows for other people’s thoughts, opinions and input
7. Can speak on many different topics
8. Makes eye contact
9. Is present, focused and paying attention
10. Shares wisdom and interesting life experiences
11. Empathetic and shows emotions
12. Changes their tone, pace and rhythm throughout the conversation
13. Has the courage to talk about difficult topics such as religion, politics, relationships and money without arguing
14. Uses body language to amplify their stories
15. Adds humour, including different accents!
16. And bonus points to people who can speak in more than one language!

To me, conversations are more than a life skill, they’re what keep us connected across time and space. And if you’re up for a good conversation, let me know and we can arrange a time to talk. I’d love to hear your stories as I make another tour around the sun!

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