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Which retreat would you prefer: wellness, writing or spirituality?

Which Retreat Would You Prefer?

by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach, Author, Videographer, Crystal Mapper, Retreat Leader I’m wondering if you could help me out. I’m currently designing my next 4-day weekend retreat to be held here on supernatural Vancouver Island in April and I’d love to know your thoughts about what kind of retreat you, personally, would most like to …

Pile of clothes. Journal prompt: write about a piece of clothing.

Journal Prompt: Write About a Piece of Clothing

by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach If you’re looking for something to write about, here’s a journal prompt: write about a piece of clothing! The clothes we wear have their own stories and I’m sure you can go right back in time at the mere mention of your favorite shirt, hat, jacket or shoes from any …