Hope has friends.

Hello Spiritual Singles, Writers, Artists, Introverts, Coaches, Energy Healers, Pilgrims, Nature Lovers & Crystal Lovers!

My name is Maria and I’m a Free Spirit Coach.

I coach spiritual singles to find their voice, feel their feelings, let go of their past, be more authentic and foster worthiness from within, so they can be free to live and love as they like.

The Sweet Spot of Authenticity coaching program I’m leading is so amazing and I feel I’m finally doing the work I’ve been training for all my life and I love, love, love helping spiritual singles discover the joy of authenticity for themselves.

In addition to my coaching, I’m also self-publishing a novel called, Closer to Indigo, which I wrote after coming home from my Camino in Spain in 2019.

And then in October, 2021, I serendipitously came across a content-creating and storytelling grant and took a chance and applied. Happily, they accepted my pitch and are green-lighting my project and now I am the host of the TV series, Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People!

When you watch my story, you’ll see examples of geological marvels, historic architecture and lots of wildlife and will get a sense of who I am and where I live. You’ll also hear me read from my forthcoming novel, Closer to Indigo, which inspired these locations.

The 9 episodes will be shown on TELUS Optik TV in September and then on YouTube, coordinating with the publication of my book, and if you are someone who is likes nature, geology, spirituality and travel, watch this space!

Here’s a link to a trailer I made for Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People on Youtube:

What’s next for me? I feel like spiritual retreats will be a major theme in the next volume of my life’s story. All of the things I’ve been doing like: running my mobile spa, coaching my clients, walking my Camino, writing my novel and hosting/producing my TV series are all leading me to this next level of my career.

My vision is to include my novel and TV series in my programs as support and I’ll also be guiding my clients on nature hikes through the wilderness. Of course, crystals will be in the mix and dance parties, too, and I may even throw in a chair massage for relaxation.

I’m currently accepting new coaching clients so if you’d like to meet me, sign up for a free Blue Sky Coaching call to start:

I’m looking forward to our conversation and hearing about what you’re up to!

Let’s talk soon and Carpe Diem! Maria