Hope has friends.

Hello Introverts, Artists & Writers!

Are you in the 81% of people who want to write a book someday? Do you like spending time in nature? Are you looking for ways to help get your creative juices flowing? And would you like to overcome writer’s block (or any kind of creativity block)?

My name is Maria and I’m a Creative Writing Coach, Author, Writer, Storyteller & Crystal Mapper.

I help introverts, artists and writers tap into the energy of colours, chakras and crystals so they can find their voice, shine their light and share their gifts.

In other words, I help writers overcome writers blocks with gifts from mother nature.

As a Creative Writing Coach, I combine my mobile spa experience with energy healing, coaching and love of crystals and have created what I call Crystal Mapping Sessions, which is a coaching tool that helps people figure out where they are now and where they’d like to go next using the wisdom of crystals.

I’ve also designed a powerful coaching program called Write from the Heart, to help my clients go from “I want to write a book,” to generating ideas, to developing a writing practice, to making steady progress towards their writing goals – all while enjoying the writing journey!

I’m also currently writing my own novel trilogy. I got the idea while I was back packing through Spain in September 2019. My mother had given me a gift of walking the Camino for my 50th birthday and during a moment of sheer frustration and beautiful timing, I realized my adventure was great fodder for a novel.

My novel shares Maria Ponomarenko’s journey as she searches for love. Each character she meets helps light her path towards her own self-acceptance and the love she has been seeking, in the places she never thought to look before, her own heart and family.

It’s basically a self-love story with spiritual, natural, travel, adventure, musical and historical elements with lots of walking and even the odd miracle!

So, if you’re feeling writer’s block and you’d like to hear more about working with me, sign up for a free Blue Sky Coaching call to start.

I’m looking forward to our conversation.

And as a bonus, when someone signs up for my coaching programs, we will provide 40 days of teaching independent life skills to orphans in Ukraine via B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1). How does that sound?

Let’s talk soon and keep writing! Maria