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Closer to Indigo, a novel by Maria Koropecky

When I came back home from my Camino in October, 2019, I was inspired to write a book. At first, I thought it would be about my Camino, but it turned out to be about my training before my Camino.

I’m happy to say, I’ve finished writing my novel and I’ve self-published Closer to Indigo as an ebook and paperback in October, 2022!


Closer to Indigo by Maria Koropecky


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From the Cover…

“It is simply not fair to be a late bloomer everywhere else in life and have a midlife crisis right on time.”

Pushing 50, Maria Ponomarenko is working as a breakfast cook, has never been married or has had any kids, and is still living with her mother. To comfort herself, she spends her time in her own imagination, the indigo spaces of the Universe. She loves reading, writing, and dabbling in the energy of crystals, and secretly ventures beyond her traditional, Ukrainian Catholic upbringing.

Maria also loves walking and being out in nature, so as a birthday gift and to boost her spirits and her social life, her family generously gives her a trip to Spain to walk a Camino, a spiritual pilgrimage.

Closer to Indigo takes us through the months that lead to Maria’s big adventure. As she trains, she comes out of her shell, sheds her introverted sensibilities, and discovers the outside world and somehow along the way, she also manages to find a balance between the physical and the spiritual worlds of life, somewhere Closer to Indigo.

Find Closer to Indigo on Amazon in the Magical Realism and Contemporary Women’s Literature genres and follow Maria Ponomarenko as she searches for the love that has eluded her throughout her first half-century of life. Each colourful character she meets on her path helps light her next steps that lead her to accept herself – physically, emotionally and spiritually – until she finds the love she has been seeking, in the place she never thought to look before, her own heart.


I loved reading Closer to Indigo. Maria has a real gift with words. The story was engaging, eloquent, highly evocative and compelling. Maria’s way of looking at the world and deriving a powerful life lesson in every circumstance is heart warming and uplifting. I was sad to reach the last page ~ Georgina Halabi, Certified Performance & Wellbeing Coach



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Title: Closer to Indigo
Author: Maria Koropecky
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9739283-5-8
Copyright: 2022
Pages: 432
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In the Media: Maria reads some chapters from her novel in her TV series, Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People
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