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Are you open to having an Intuitive Crystal Card Reading?

Intuitive Crystal Card Readings are on Sale!

by Maria Koropecky, Creative Writing Coach, Author & Crystal Mapper Happy Friday the 13th! I was speaking to some of my coach-friends yesterday and much of our conversation was about spirituality and intuition. I realized that going behind the scenes into the realm of spirituality and intuition is the new frontier for humanity and many …

ammolite ring.

Why did I Name my Coaching Business Ammolite Wellness Coaching?

Why did I name my coaching business Ammolite Wellness Coaching? I particularly like how there are two m’s, two l’s and two s’s in Ammolite Wellness Coaching but there’s way more to it than that! Ammolite is an amazing geological wonder and is both a fossil and a gemstone at the same time! Ammolites are …