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Coaching is a bridge to help you get from where you are now to where you’d like to be next. By asking thoughtful questions and listening with both ears, a coach can help you make tremendous progress on your journey!

As a Certified Life Coach & Mentor and the creator of Crystal Mapping, Maria Koropecky combines her love of coaching, crystals and writing and helps her clients express themselves and share their stories.



Write from your heart coaching program.

The Spiritual Practice of Creative Writing is a coaching program designed for writers who would like extra support as they are writing their novels.

Inside The Spiritual Practice of Creative Writing coaching program, we cover:

Crystal Clear Vision — so you have a clear idea and concept of your writing project.

Breaking Through Writer’s Blocks — to uncover and clear any beliefs, excuses and resistance that may be blocking your intuition, ideas and creativity from flowing.

Raising Your Vibe — to establish a daily meditation, journalling and self-care practice plus work with music, colour energy, chakras and crystals to boost your creativity.

Showing Up Like a Rock Star — to find your voice, self-worth and rhythm, then take bold action steps to put yourself out there.

Writing with Flow — to learn about the elements of storytelling (characters, plot, narration…) and develop a daily writing practice in your own sacred space so you can let the ink flow, make steady progress towards your writing goals and create stories that connect.

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