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Would you like someone to come up to you and say, “Wow! You’re really smashing it! What’s the secret to your success?”

And what if the secret to your success was: you’re working with a coach.

Coaching is a bridge to help you get from where you are now to where you’d like to be next and by asking thoughtful questions and listening with both ears, a coach can help you make tremendous progress on your journey!

I love coaching!

There are so many different types of coaches out there including: Executive Coaches, Wellness Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Life Coaches and I like to call myself a Storytelling Coach.

I mostly work with Spiritual Storytellers, (which includes: writers, artists, introverts, coaches, nature lovers, empaths, energy healers, pilgrims, late bloomers and crystal lovers) and I specialize in coaching people to create a new reality using the magic of storytelling.

Since I started doing my own spiritual work, working with my own coaches, coaching my clients, writing my stories, working on my TV series, voicing my ideas and going for long walks in nature, I’ve discovered my own authentic story and it has been a game changer! I’ve never felt so free to be me in my life and it feels amazing! I’d love for you to be in this space, too!


I believe being creative is why we’re here and that’s why I’ve created a coaching program called, “Rock Star Storyteller.”

Rock Star Storyteller Online Coaching Programs

with Maria Koropecky

You’d Be A Good Fit For This Coaching Program If:

  • you’re a storyteller, writer, artist, introvert, empath, coach, pilgrim, late bloomer, nature lover or crystal lover
  • you consider yourself spiritual, coachable and a world traveller
  • you have financial resources and are willing to invest in yourself
  • you’ve gone through a hard time (like a divorce, death in the family, or job loss) and are now ready to let go of the past and start the healing process towards a brighter future
  • you’re tired of the same old, same old and now you’re ready to create something new and better for yourself

Inside the ROCK STAR STORYTELLER Coaching Program, we cover:

1 Crystal Clear Vision – come up with a clear idea and concept of your next project using scripting, mood boards and Crystal Mapping
2 Brainstorming Ideas – explore several ways to come up with new and fresh ideas
3 Raising Your Vibe – work with music, colour energy, chakras and crystals to boost your self-love and creativity
4 Going on an Indigo Journey – Follow a daily practice that includes journaling and self-care and relax into guided meditations to explore your spirituality, feel your feelings, tap into your intuition, receive ideas and trust your own voice
5 Breaking Through Blocks – Uncover and clear any beliefs, excuses and resistance that may be blocking your intuition, ideas and creativity from flowing
6 Storytelling Mastery – Learn how to leverage your own narrative and imagination to heal your past and create a brighter future and also apply the elements of storytelling (characters, plot, narration, literary devices) to make your stories pop
7 Showing Up Like a Rock Star – Find your voice, self-worth and rhythm, then take bold action steps to put yourself out there to share your story and connect with others

Support Tools:

journal prompts, crystals, guided meditations, music, vision boards, recordings, games
email support, feedback on homework


* Letting Go of Whatever’s in the Way
* Trusting Your Voice and Intuition
* Improved Storytelling
* Overcoming Blocks
* Healing Emotional Wounds
* Progress on Your Spiritual Journey
* Embracing and Loving Yourself
* Living in the Present Moment
* Spiritual Awakening
* Discovering Your Own Story
* Fresh Start in Life
* Feeling Free to Live and Love as You Like
* Your new manifestations


10-90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions across 12 weeks (with 2 breaks)

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