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Which retreat would you prefer: wellness, writing or spirituality?

Which Retreat Would You Prefer?

by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach, Author, Videographer, Crystal Mapper, Retreat Leader I’m wondering if you could help me out. I’m currently designing my next 4-day weekend retreat to be held here on supernatural Vancouver Island in April and I’d love to know your thoughts about what kind of retreat you, personally, would most like to …

Music for Journalling on a Retreat.

Find “Music for Journalling on a Retreat” on my YouTube Channel @AmmoliteProductions

by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach I like journaling. How about you? Are you writing much in your journal these days? If yes, wonderful! Keep it up! Journaling is up there with meditation when it comes to personal growth, spirituality and emotional healing. If not, and keeping a journal is something you’d like to do more …

Book your next retreat with Maria in Victoria, BC Canada.

Book Your Next Retreat with Maria in Victoria, BC, Canada!

by Maria Koropecky, Free Spirit Coach, Author, TV Host & Retreat Leader Have you ever heard the song, “Verdi Cries” written and sung by Natalie Merchant? It’s one of my favourite songs and every time I hear it, I picture a woman on a retreat. She eats pastries, takes long baths and goes to the …