by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach, Author, Videographer, Crystal Mapper, Retreat Leader

I’m wondering if you could help me out.

I’m currently designing my next 4-day weekend retreat to be held here on supernatural Vancouver Island in April and I’d love to know your thoughts about what kind of retreat you, personally, would most like to attend with me.

So far, I’m deciding between:

1. Wellness Retreat – gives you the time and space to focus on your mental, physical and emotional health while participating in fitness and self-care routines, healthy eating and spa therapies.

2. Writing Retreat – offers dedicated time and space for you to find your authentic voice and focus on your writing and creativity.

3. Spiritual Retreat – is an opportunity to step away from everyday life and focus on yourself and your connection to your spirituality via meditation, crystals and going out in nature.

I know, they all sound good, right? But which area would you like to focus on the most?

And if you’d like to know more about me, or what it’s like here in Victoria in the springtime, or get a sneak-peak into my world, pick up a copy of my novel, Closer to Indigo, now available on Amazon and watch my video series, Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People now on YouTube.

And while you’re thinking about retreats, would you be open to talking with me further?

I’m looking for 12 people to interview to gather feedback and ideas on how I can shape my next retreat to make it the best possible experience for everyone who comes.

If you’re interested in having a 30-minute conversation with me and answer my market research questions, send me a message and we’ll book a time in the next couple of weeks. Here’s the link to my calendar.

Your comments and answers will help me and my retreaters tremendously!

Thank you in advance!

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