by Maria Koropecky, Free Spirit Coach

Do you remember
The 21st night of September?
Love was changin’ the minds of pretenders
While chasin’ the clouds away
Our hearts were ringin’
In the key that our souls were singin’
As we danced in the night, remember
How the stars stole the night away, oh, yeah
Hey, hey, hey
Ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember?
Ba-dee-ya, dancin’ in September
Ba-dee-ya, never was a cloudy day…

Hello September!

I couldn’t resist sharing the first few lyrics of the song, “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire today. This song is guaranteed to pack the dance floor and if you’re feeling a little down, have a listen to this song. The link to video is in the comments.

September has 30 days, its main zodiac sign is Virgo, its birthflowers are Forget-me-not’s, Morning Glories and Asters, and its birthstone is Sapphire.

September is the 9th month of the year and is therefore associated with the number 9. Nine is about Selflessness, Idealism, and Completion of a Cycle.

The number 9 also resonates with Universal love, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, leadership, eternity, faith, life purpose, generosity, romance, inner-strength, responsibility, intuition, strength of character, self-love, freedom, eccentricity, magnetism, the visionary, mysticism, optimism, Divine wisdom, and enlightenment.

Virgo is an Earth sign which means Virgos are into crystals, and if you like crystals too, here are my top choices for Virgos and September:

1. SAPPHIRE: A stone of peace, tranquility, wisdom, prosperity, intuition, beauty, spiritual healing and spiritual truth. Sapphire helps the user stay on the spiritual path, boosting spiritual powers, and is a great stone for healing.

2. LAPIS LAZULI: Expands awareness, increases intuition and advances enlightenment. About speaking your truth, using your voice, communicating, and the freedom to be yourself.

3. JASPERS: Known as “supreme nurturers.” They’re revered as sacred and protective. Use to stimulate creativity and imagination or during times of stress to bring a sense of tranquility and healing. Also a stone of courage and helps with focus, motivation and follow through.

And “Jasper” is the name of the dog in my novel, Closer to Indigo, which comes out on September 21st – as in the lyrics in September! See how it all comes together?

September promises to be an amazing month! What are your plans? Send me a message and let’s make things happen together!

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