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Would you like to be a better writer and put your spiritual ideas out there in the world?

Would you like to be a better writer and put your spiritual ideas out there in the world?

Wonderful! Here’s your invitation to join me and other spiritual writers on a magical journey of discovery where we’ll dive deep into your imagination so you can make your writing dreams come true!

Hello, I’m Maria Koropecky from Ammolite Coaching and I help writers and storytellers discover their own gold, breakthrough writer’s blocks and write the book they’ve always dreamed of writing so they can leave a legacy.

To me, writing is a spiritual path and books are a treasure that will always have a place in our hearts, no matter what other technologies come and go along the way.

And whether you’d like to add your name to the great literary canon or simply record your stories for your friends and family, I’d love to support you on your writing journey.

Inside my creative writing coaching programs, we:

  • Create a Crystal Clear Vision of what you’d like to write – whether it’s a spiritual novel, memoire, screenplay, short story collection, book of poetry or blog
  • We also breakthrough as many of the 22+ Writer’s Blocks that may show up and
  • Raise your Vibe so you can:
  • Find your voice, self-worth and rhythm and take bold action steps to put yourself out there and Show up like a Rock Star!
  • And Write with Flow – which is all about developing a daily writing practice in your own sacred space and write stories that connect to your heart’s content!

As a writer, author and coach, I have a whole toolbox full of goodies to share that you won’t find anywhere else, I promise, including:

  • writing prompts
  • guided meditations
  • Crystal Mapping and
  • Lightning Rounds Creative Writing Games that all help spark ideas!

Interested in hearing more? Super! Book a free Blue Sky Coaching call with me today! Let’s see what your next steps will be.

We have group coaching programs up and running for all levels of commitment and budget:

  • We have the Ruby group for people who are just starting their writer’s journey
  • We have the Emerald group for people who are in the middle stretch who may need another jumpstart
  • And we have the Diamond group for people who want to go the distance and be a bestselling author – which I can guarantee!

How? Book a call with me today and I can tell you how we can turn your book into a bestseller! Hint – I have an amazing team in the wings!

No matter which group you choose, Ruby, Emerald or Diamond, this is what I know for sure:

  1. your writing will improve
  2. you’ll have hundreds of well-written pages in the works
  3. you’ll overcome writer’s blocks
  4. you’ll meet other writers
  5. you’ll have a spiritual awakening
  6. you’ll heal old emotional wounds
  7. you’ll learn to trust your own voice and
  8. you’ll feel your future is possible for you!

How does that sound? That’s the magic of writing!

This is your chance to go for it!

I have space in my calendar for anyone who is ready to write their spiritual books.

And if anyone has popped into your head as you’re reading, who you think may enjoy working with me and my team, please share this website and thank you for your referral.

I’m really looking forward to seeing your name and stories out there in the world!

I’d just like to close this chapter with these words:

Let today mark a new beginning for you. It’s time for you to discover your own gold and write the book you’ve always dreamed of writing. It’s in you to write!

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