With the new moon this month, we’re also enjoying a total solar eclipse. Have you ever thought about how we look to see what the Universe is up to and how often we use expressions with rocks, stones and crystals in our everyday language?

Just off the top of my head I’ve thought of…
* the song, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler
* It’s just a stone’s throw from here
* I’m going to eat some Rocky Road ice cream
* Let me look into my crystal ball.

Of course there are tons more – some of them are musical, some are place names, some are heavy-duty and some are mystical.

Regardless of which expressions you gravitate to, please keep in mind that the words you choose and use are powerful and they have energy, just like the sun and the moon.

Words are an extension of our thoughts and feelings and they have a big influence on the quality of our lives.

We speak our ideas and beliefs into existence every day. So be careful what you say because as Caroline Myss said, “Words are our magic carpet.”

"Words are our magic carpet"

Try using more positive and creative words from now on and see where they take you.

And if you can think of anyone who is into crystals and likes word play but is stuck in life, please let them know about my Crystal Mapping Sessions and Spiritual Writing Coaching.

I’d be happy to coach your friends, family or workmates and help them explore their wildest dreams, clear any blocks and soar up their mountains. Thanks for your referrals!

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