When I was growing up in the 70’s, my parents drove a gold, Buick Riviera. We listened to songs on an AM radio, we didn’t have cup holders and the tick, tock, tick turn signal was the metronome of our lives.

It’s hard to believe but in those days, wearing seatbelts was optional. Often, the belts were pushed aside before sitting down and then got stuck between the seats, never to see the light of day.

It wasn’t until the mid ‘80’s, just as I was learning to drive, that wearing a seatbelt became mandatory. Suddenly police issued tickets if all passengers weren’t buckled up.

Many people scoffed at the new rules and tried to buck the system but eventually it became a non-issue. Wearing a seatbelt became a habit and now it feels odd to sit in a car seat without one.

And that’s what needs to happen with face masks. I know they’re uncomfortable and a pain in the neck, but that’s not an excuse.

We need to get used to wearing face masks, not just for ourselves, but for the people around us. It’s selfish and reckless not to wear one these days. They’re designed for our safety and protection and greatly reduce the spread of viruses.

Wearing is caring and wellness includes wearing a face mask. If your wellness is important to you, PM me, let’s have a conversation.

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