We as humans have been fascinated with crystals since ancient times.

When the Greeks travelled and found dazzling quartz crystals in the Alps, they believed these beauties were actually a form of frozen water that would never thaw. They named them, “krystallos,” which means “ice.”

Since then, we have found crystals in all corners of the earth ranging in all colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – plus pink, turquoise, clear, white, brown black, silver and gold.

And we have been wearing crystals as jewelry and using them in spiritual ceremonies, in meditation practices and for healing all along.

These days people are re-discovering the joy of crystals for themselves. There are so many crystals out there so I’ve come up with a TOP 10 LIST OF CRYSTALS to help you choose your next gems.

10 – Amber
9 – Moonstone
8 – Selenite
7 – Citrine
6 – Rose Quartz
5 – Larimar
4 – Garnet
3 – Clear Quartz
2 – Labradorite
1 – Amethyst

Which crystals are on your list?

And if you want to hear more about crystals, watch my interview with Jen Russman on JenergyVibes.


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