by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach & Author

As I’m growing my own YouTube channel @AmmoliteProductions, I’ve been studying other successful YouTubers and I’ve watched many videos on the art of manifesting with great relish during these last few months.

I’ve discovered that manifesting is an inside job and everything we experience starts in our own imagination!

The truth is, we are the creators of our world and what shows up for us in our outside environment, circumstances and relationships, is just a projection of our inner workings.

The inside is a blueprint of the outside and we shape our reality with our:

• Thoughts
• Feelings
• Language (dialect, spoken/written words & self-talk)
• Focus
• Beliefs
• Attitudes
• Expectations
• Assumptions
• Habits
• Memories
• Decisions
• Actions
• Interpretations of sensory information and
• the Stories we tell.
Knowing this nugget is empowering!

It may seem like something or someone out there is calling the shots for us, but that’s not the case. There’s actually no one or nothing outside of us to blame and if we don’t like something in our experience, we can literally go back to the drawing board and change it! We can rewrite our story to something better and observe a whole, new reality if we want!

And as a Storytelling Coach, this is my jam! I’m all about imagination, creativity, self-expression and connecting through stories.

By writing my novel, Closer to Indigo and making my video series, Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People, I’ve learned a lot about crafting a good story and I’ve experienced the healing, transformational and liberating power of telling my own personal story, firsthand.

And now that my story is out there, I’ve made my peace with it, and now I am free to live into the next chapter of my life however I want and I’m now manifesting a whole new storyline! Hello Love, Health, Travel, Creativity and Abundance!

I’m treating this time of my life as if I’m making a movie – which is a whole nother post – and if you’re interested in telling your own stories to either heal your past or create a bright, new future and you’d like some coaching, guidance and support, feel free to reach out to me!

And if you prefer watching videos, check out “The Power of Your Story: Manifesting a New Reality from the Inside Out.”

Let’s write this next chapter together!

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