by Maria Koropecky, Ammolite Wellness Coach

A Blue Heron, a Red Fox and a Tortoiseshell Turtle are all contestants on a reality TV cooking show called, “Potluck Power.” The challenge is to make and bring their signature dish to the potluck supper.

Heron is feeling especially creative today. “I’m going to draw from my world travels and bring something new and original to the table. I think I have a good chance of winning!”

Fox is thinking, “I’m going to transform these ingredients into something the judges have never tasted before – I’m sure I’m going to win!”

Turtle is thinking comfort food all the way. “I’m going to use my grandmother’s recipe and give the judges a big hug with my food. I hope I win!”

And they’re off.

Heron chooses salmon. “First, I’m going to find the freshest fish out there and then I’m going to cut it into 1-inch pieces and then I’ll bake it with a mango sauce and serve it fanned out over a bed of watercress.” Now he’s off to grab an avocado.

Fox makes barbequed chicken wings. “I love grilling. I love watching the flames dance. I have a clean and shiny state of the art barbeque here and it has side burners for my delectable sauces and it even has a rotisserie burner on board.”

Turtle goes with a classic lasagna recipe. “Everybody likes lasagna! Even cats like lasagna! How can you not like the welcoming aroma and taste of a blend of three cheeses, tomato sauce, and meat sauce dripping over layers of wide pasta noodles all snuggled together in one big warm bundle of joy?”

Heron is literally flying all over the kitchen to create his masterpiece and it’s coming together nicely.

Fox is a brilliant multi-tasker and has several pots going at once and still manages to clean as he goes! He’s on fire, as they say.

But don’t let Turtle’s pace fool you. It may look like she’s taking her sweet time, especially compared to Fox, but she knows this recipe inside and out and she’s right on schedule. As she peers into the oven, she says, “Look at that cheese starting to bubble!”

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, time’s up. They all bring their dishes to the potluck table and are all very excited and proud of themselves.

Heron says, “I present to you a dish I like to call ‘the Flying Salmon.’ See how I’ve playfully arranged it on the plate? You can almost hear the rushing stream.

Fox boasts, “Can you see how I took a simple chicken and transformed it into this delicious work of art with my skill and prowess?”

Turtle says, “Just wait until you taste my dish. Just like Mama used to make.”

They each taste each other’s recipes and vote for their favourite.

Who do you think won “Potluck Power?”

Clap if you think it was super-creative Blue Heron?

OK, now clap if you think it was quick and efficient Red Fox?

OK, now clap if you think it was ever-nurturing Tortoiseshell Turtle?

Well, the official results are in. I don’t know how to break this to you but when was the last time you saw a turtle with oven mitts on? Just kidding.

They’re all winners. It was a 3-way tie! They each got a vote and surprisingly, nobody voted for themselves.

By the way, did you recognize yourself in any of these characters?

If you would like to talk about this story and how these characters relate to Ayurvedic doshas and your elemental nature, sign up for a 45-Minute Breakthrough call with me, Maria, today!

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