by Maria Koropecky, Free Spirit Coach, Author & TV Host

My friend asked me to autograph her copy of my novel, Closer to Indigo during the holidays and I must say, I was unexpectedly moved by the experience.

From the feedback I’ve received so far, people are really enjoying my book and like my writing style and that warms my heart.

I’d love more people to read Closer to Indigo, so I’ve created a COUNTDOWN SALE on Amazon starting on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 @ 8am Pacific. You’ll be able to buy my ebook for $3.99 – a savings of 61% – and the book will gradually go up in price for the following week.

I’ve dedicated my book to all of the spiritual storytellers, writers, artists, introverts, energy healers, coaches, nature lovers, crystal lovers, late bloomers, and pilgrims of the world.

I especially feel Closer to Indigo would be a great choice for anyone who is planning to go on a pilgrimage this year because the story is all about how the main character, Maria Ponomarenko, trains for her solo backpacking Camino in Spain!

I also think Closer to Indigo would be a great selection for a book club because it’s an easy read, plus it comes with my TV series, Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People, now available on the TELUS Storyhive channel for free on YouTube.

How often do you find the author reading chapters from her book in a related story on another platform, both formats published recently in the same year?

You and your book club friends can read my novel and watch the TV series and have a lively discussion about the themes inside and be inspired to go on your own adventures and tell your own stories!

Plus, if you have your own BOOK YOU’D LIKE TO WRITE or a DOCUMENTARY YOU’D LIKE TO FILM or if you’d like to GO ON YOUR OWN CAMINO this year, and would like some guidance, I’d be happy to offer you some coaching.

I have 1:1 coaching programs and retreats that just might help you bring your projects to light. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have the experience of autographing your own book, too?

Book a call with me this week and let’s talk!

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