by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach

Are you ready to rewrite your old story and turn it into a brighter future?

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of challenges, yearning for healing and something different? We all have moments when we crave a new chapter, a fresh start. But how do we break free from the limitations holding us back?

I can relate. As someone who has been on a personal healing journey, I understand the power of storytelling as a catalyst for change. Through writing my book Closer to Indigo and creating my video series Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People, I discovered the incredible potential within storytelling to overcome obstacles and shape a brighter future.

Storytelling and journaling have become my tools for self-expression, healing wounds and manifesting my deepest desires. They have allowed me to dive into the depths of my experiences, connect with my authentic self and unlock the magic within me.

Today, as a Storytelling Coach, I’m dedicated to helping others harness the power of storytelling in their own lives. Through personalized coaching sessions, I guide Spiritual Storytellers on their journey of healing, self-discovery and growth. It’s my passion to empower you to rewrite your narrative, heal your past and create a future that lights you up!

And now, because June is my birthday month and it’s the start of another trip around the sun for me, I’m thrilled to announce my June special! For a limited time, I’m offering 2 exclusive coaching packages:

🌟 “Healing Through Story: Transformational Coaching Package”

Immerse yourself in 3 intensive coaching sessions, tailored to facilitate healing and personal growth. Unleash the power of storytelling to overcome obstacles, heal wounds and transform your life.

🌟 “Crafting Your Future Story: Manifestation Coaching Package”

Embark on a journey of 3 transformative coaching sessions designed to help you create a compelling future story. Discover the art of storytelling as a tool for manifestation, visualization and goal-setting.

But that’s not all! As a bonus, if you sign up between May 30 and June 3, 2023, you’ll receive a 30-minute “Ask Me Anything” session. Dive deeper into topics such as my novel “Closer to Indigo,” my β€œSaanich” video series, crystals, my retreats, or any aspect of storytelling you’re curious about.

Don’t miss this opportunity to move forward in your life. Book a call with me today to secure your spot and choose the coaching package that resonates with you. Let’s rewrite your story and create a future filled with healing, growth and creativity.

Comment or message me to book your call and learn more about my unique coaching packages. Together, we’ll unleash the power of storytelling to rewrite your narrative and manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s make this June your month of incredible personal growth and empowerment!

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