by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach & Author

A funny thing happened in my most recent Lightning Rounds video!

As a refresher, Lightning Rounds are dynamic brainstorming consultations that leverage word games and random prompts to ignite creativity, inspire breakthroughs and offer valuable guidance to Spiritual Storytellers on their creative journeys and I started filming them and uploading them to my YouTube channel as a way to generate interest in my work.

First, I drew the Turtle from my Spirit Animals Cards and to me, turtles have a very gentle, nurturing, grounded and calming energy. And then I chose the Rose Quartz from my crystal cards, and Rose Quartz is all about love.

Totally random, totally unplanned and totally synchronistic with what I’m up to with my “Crystal Essence: A Self-Love Storytelling Workshop on Galantine’s Day” and my Rose Quartz necklace give away!

I could not have picked better cards – the Turtle and Rose Quartz represented and I love it when things like this happen! It just goes to show how there really is magic in storytelling!

If you’d like to see how the Rose Quartz jumps out in the Lightning Rounds, check out my video, “Let the Nurturing Energy of ROSE QUARTZ & TURTLES Inspire Your Self-Love Story 💗 🐢 | Writing Prompts.”

And feel free to join us in my “Crystal Essence” workshop – there are a few seats left and only the people who stay to the end have a chance of winning the Rose Quartz necklace – so your chances are pretty good!

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