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Join us for the next Spiritual Practice of Creative Writing ~ How the Energy of Colors, Chakras & Crystals Can Help Light the Way Group Coaching Program

by Maria Koropecky, Creative Writing Coach, Author & Crystal Mapper

Writing is a spiritual journey and words have a magical connection to the Universe. Just like artists use vibrant colors to create works of art, writers use words to create new worlds.

If words are your world and you’re dreaming of writing a book someday, here’s an invitation to join my next group coaching program:

The Spiritual Practice of Creative Writing ~ How the Energy of Colors, Chakras & Crystals Can Help Light the Way

And we’re starting on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 @ 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK!

Inside The Spiritual Practice of Creative Writing, we cover:

  • Crystal Clear Vision – having a crystal clear idea of what you want to write next
  • Coaching Through Creativity Blocks – breaking through any beliefs, excuses and resistance that may be blocking your intuition, ideas and creativity from flowing
  • Trusting your Intuition – Practicing meditation, journaling and self-care and tapping into the energy of colors, chakras and crystals, so you can easily access your own creative genius
  • Playing with Ideas – Smashing-up your writing talents, skills and literary tools with your imagination and with the brilliant ideas you receive
  • Writing with Flow – Learning about the elements of storytelling (characters, plot, narration…) and develop a daily writing practice in your own sacred space so you can let the ink flow and write stories that inspire the world!

This group coaching program is for all artists who paint with words, who want to take their journaling to the next level, and write the story they want to live into.

My writers are flourishing and many of the writers I’ve worked with have:

*Improved their storytelling

*Healed emotional wounds

*Experienced a spiritual awakening

*Met new friends in person

*Contributed to our group synergy

*Noticed shifts

*And are writing some really cool stuff!

This creative writing coaching group is a safe space for writers to find their authentic voice, share from the heart, unblock anything that stands in the way of creativity, and write brilliant stories that connect.

Only 5 spots left!

For more information on pricing and to register, book a call with Maria! 

We’d love to have you join our lively, creative and interactive group!

And thanks for sharing this post with the writers in your life!

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