by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach & Author

During the pandemic, I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely people through an online coaching group. I’m delighted to share that a few of us have stayed in touch and have recently formed a group called the Aromatic Goddesses.

We’ve been meeting once a week from several time zones to talk about the magical wonders of essential oils and how we can use them to heal our own lives and help our friends and clients do the same.

The versatility of essential oils is truly remarkable. Beyond their traditional uses in beauty, wellness, nutrition, spirituality and relaxation, they also possess the remarkable ability to stimulate creativity and ignite our imagination!

Essential oils contain volatile chemical compounds and when inhaled, they swiftly travel to the Limbic brain, where our memories and emotions live. Remarkably, they enter the bloodstream within just 12 seconds via our circulation system and do more healing work from there.

This rapid and direct interaction with our neurological and physiological systems makes essential oils ideal allies for accessing and expressing our emotions, making them invaluable companions in the creative process.

In other words, by engaging with various plant essences and tapping into our subconscious mind, we can tell great stories that inspire and connect!

Our stories will naturally become more authentic and relatable, whether it’s using aromas as prompts, immersing ourselves in a character’s world or lifting our own spirits!

The possibilities are endless!

So, after engaging in many vibrant discussions, the Aromatic Goddesses have decided to combine our collective knowledge and host a complimentary, live, 90-minute Master Class on Zoom.

Our ESSENTIAL OIL MASTERCLASS will take place on Monday, May 13 at 11am Pacific Time, 2pm Eastern Time, and 7pm UK time and WE EXTEND A WARM INVITATION FOR YOU TO JOIN US.

Here’s the link to Eventbrite to get your free ticket to Essential Oil Magic

During our masterclass, 5 Goddesses from our group will share their personal odyssey with essential oils, offering insights and wisdom:

1. Claire Bjerkan will unveil “Rose Oil: The Queen of the Oils – How She Can Help Manifest Your Desires.”
2. Dr. Elaine Rose will discuss “Beautiful Self-Care Practices.”
3. Krystyna Trybula will explore techniques for “Switching off, Winding Down & Enhancing Sleep.”
4. Michelle Cordy will focus on “Empowering Yourself Through Self-Love – Harnessing the Power of Essential Oils.”
5. And of course, I’ll elaborate on “Elevating Your Storytelling with Inspiring Essential Oils!”

We anticipate a dynamic and informative event and if you’re intrigued by the potential of essential oils, we encourage you to sign up!

And bring a friend too!

Here’s the link to Eventbrite to get your free ticket to Essential Oil Magic

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