Ready to tell a new story?

Like Maria Koropecky’s novel, Closer to Indigo?

Like the TV Series, Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People?

Like Going on Retreats?

Yes! Great! Here’s your invitation to join me, Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach, Author, Videographer, Crystal Mapper and Retreat Leader, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for a 3-day weekend retreat!

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From all of the things I’ve been doing like: running my mobile spa, coaching my clients, walking my Camino, writing my novel and hosting/producing my TV series, I’m feeling called to lead spiritual, wellness and writing retreats, and coach Spiritual Storytellers to heal their past and create a brighter future using the magic of storytelling.

Hello Spiritual Storytellers!

My name is Maria and I’m inviting you to join me here in Victoria, Canada for my next Indigo, Ink & Insight Retreat where we explore the themes of spirituality, writing, and self-reflection, which are all important components of a spiritual storytelling journey.

My retreats include coaching sessions, journaling, guided meditations and referencing my novel, Closer to Indigo and TV series, Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People. I’m also guiding my guests and clients on nature hikes through the supernatural wilderness that surrounds us here on Vancouver Island. Of course, crystals are in the mix and dance parties, too, and there’s even time for excursions, self-care and spa services.

I’ve named this retreat “INDIGO, INK & INSIGHT” because the word “Indigo” has spiritual connotations and is often associated with intuition and self-awareness; “Ink” suggests a focus on writing and self-expression; and “Insight” implies self-reflection and personal growth — which are all near and dear to my own heart.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

You’d Be A Good Fit For These In-Person Retreats If:

* you’re a storyteller, writer, artist, introvert, empath, coach, pilgrim, late bloomer, nature lover or crystal lover
* you consider yourself spiritual, coachable and a world traveller
* you have financial resources and are willing to invest in yourself
* you’re tired of the same old, same old and now you’re ready to create something new and better for yourself

Inside the INDIGO, INK & INSIGHT Retreats, we cover:

  • Crystal Clear Vision – Have a clear idea and concept of the new and authentic story you want to tell about yourself including: your character(s), plot and setting
  • Raise Your Vibe – Boost your self-love, self-worth and creativity with journaling, music, crystals, essential oils and nature hikes
  • Go on an Indigo Journey – Relax into guided meditations to explore your spirituality, feel your feelings, tap into your intuition, receive ideas and trust your own voice
  • Break Through Blocks –Uncover and clear any beliefs, excuses and resistance that may be blocking your intuition, ideas and creativity from flowing
  • Write Your New Story – Use your imagination, insights and the elements and the magic of storytelling to script and manifest your best life story as if you were making a movie.

Support Tools:

Coaching, watching all 9 episodes of Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People TV series with the artist and host herself; guided hikes, guided meditations, journal prompts, self-care, music, colour energy, chakras and crystals

Music for Journalling on a Retreat

Excursions (your choice based on scenes in Closer to Indigo and Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People):

Excursions Featured in the novel, Closer to Indigo

1. Patchouli Tour
2. Sooke Potholes
3. Walking a Labyrinth near Holy Trinity and walking around YYJ
4. Sidney, BC
5. Elk Lake/ Beaver Lake
6. Fireside Grill
7. The Habit Cafe
8. Royal Roads University
9. University of Victoria
10. St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church

Hiking Locations Featured in Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People

1. McMorran Beach & Cadboro Bay Beach
2. Mt. Doug
3. Rithet’s Bog
4. Lohbrunner Pond
5. Holy Trinity Church & Labyrinth
6. Tulista Park
7. Royal Oak Burial Park
8. Gorge Waterway
9. Mt. Tolmie

Included in the Retreat Package:

*Your choice of weekends
*3 dinners & 1 breakfast
*airport pick up and drop off
*drive to and from hiking locations
*Crystal Mapping Session
*Connecting call before
*Follow-up call after
*Chair massage
*a signed copy of Closer to Indigo

Not Included:

*airfare/flights to and from Victoria, BC, Canada
*your accommodations if you don’t stay at our retreat location
*2 breaksfasts and 2 lunches

What to Bring:

*Trail Runners
*Water Bottle
*GoPro Camera


* Letting Go of Whatever’s in the Way
* Trusting Your Voice and Intuition
* Improved Storytelling
* Overcoming Blocks
* Healing Emotional Wounds
* Progress on Your Spiritual Journey
* Embracing and Loving Yourself
* Living in the Present Moment
* Spiritual Awakening
* Discovering Your Own Story
* Fresh Start in Life
* Feeling Free to Live and Love as You Like
* Your new manifestations


Check in on Thursday at 4pm, stay 3 nights, and check out on Sunday at 11am


* arrive in Victoria, BC, Canada and check in at 4pm
* receive chair massage from Maria
* go to dinner with Maria at Fireside Grill
* watch episodes 1-3 of Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People with Maria
* listen to recorded Rainbow meditation


* breakfast (free time)
* journalling and writing
* guided Crystal Cave meditation
* guided hike with Maria at your choice of locations
* lunch (free time)
* coaching session with Maria
* free time
* dinner with Maria
* watch episodes 4-6 of Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People with Maria


* breakfast (free time)
* guided Indigo Journey meditation
* journalling and writing
* Crystal Mapping Session with Maria
* lunch (free time)
* guided hike with Maria at your choice of locations
* free time
* dinner with Maria
* watch episodes 7-9 of Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People with Maria
* dance party


* breakfast with Maria
* journalling and writing
* crystal card reading with Maria
* check out at 11am

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Pricing varies depending on your choice of 1:1 private retreats, group retreats and on the season.

-> Special note to our American neighbours: Now is a great time to take advantage of the strong US Dollar — you’ll save a bundle on the exchange rate when you shop in Canada!

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