Like Closer to Indigo?

Like the novel, Closer to Indigo?

Like the TV Series, Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People?

The book and the tv series are just the beginning!

Introducing Indigo Retreats!

Join Free Spirit Coach, Author, TV Host & Crystal Mapper, Maria Koropecky, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for a 3-day weekend retreat!

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From all of the things I’ve been doing like: running my mobile spa, coaching my clients, walking my Camino, writing my novel and hosting/producing my TV series, I’m feeling called to lead spiritual retreats and coach Spiritual Singles to find their voice, feel their feelings, release their burdens, be more authentic & foster worthiness from within, so they can be free to live & love as they like!

My retreats include my novel and TV series as support and I’m also guiding my clients on nature hikes through the wilderness. Of course, crystals are in the mix and dance parties, too, and there’s even time for self-care and spa services.

-> Special note to our American neighbours: Now is a great time to take advantage of the strong US Dollar — you’ll save a bundle on the exchange rate when you shop in Canada!

Book a call & reserve your weekend in 2022