by Maria Koropecky, Host of Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People

Would you like to add value for your current clients and bring in new ones as well? Great! Keep reading, I have an idea!

In 2022, I produced a TV series called, “Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People” (which is premiering on TELUS Optik TV on Dec. 20) and I’m looking to expand my reach and partner with others who would be interested in co-hosting a WATCH PARTY with me as a BUSINESS BUILDING EVENT for both of us.

Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People shows the supernatural beauty of my hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We’ll touch the mystical side of nature and see geological marvels, historic architecture and even wildlife as I guide viewers to some hidden gems on the Island! I’ll also read from my novel, Closer to Indigo that set this TV series in motion!

While creating my projects, it was so fun to hike through the wilderness and explore my artistic side! Now, as an added bonus, I get to share both my stories and inspire the people I know to go on their own adventures and tell their own tall tales!

In our screening, we’ll watch 8 episodes with an intermission halfway through (which is about 2 hours and 40 minutes of viewing time) and then we’ll open up the floor for a Q&A. This will give you the space to make your promotional offer plus it will give me a chance to sell a few copies of my novel as well. It’s win-win-win – for you, me and your clients!

Whether you’d like to do this watch party online or in person or for your clients or as a team-building retreat, I have time to brainstorm ideas with you this month. Here’s the link to my calendar. I’m looking forward to our collaboration and co-creating something wonderful with you!

In the meantime, I’ve made a colourful pdf to help spread the word about Closer to Indigo and Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People. If you’d like a copy to print out or email, let me know and I’ll happily send one your way.

Thanks for your on-going support in the creative arts!

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