By Maria Koropecky, Writing Coach, Author & Crystal Mapper

I’d like to share 3 happy announcements with you today!

First: The Creative Writing Coaching group I’m leading is so amazing and I’d love to keep it up. I feel I’m finally doing the work I’ve been training for all my life and I love, love, love helping creatives discover the joy of writing for themselves.
I’m offering another round of the Spiritual Practice of Creative Writing: How the Energy, of Colors, Chakras & Crystals Can Help Light the Way coaching group plus another new program: The Universe is in Your Hands: Discover How the Power of Crystals Can Transform Your Life!

I’m happy to tell you more about either coaching group especially if you’re a writer, crystal lover, nature lover, artist, energy healer and like to explore the spiritual, woo- woo side of life! Feel free to reach out and let’s chat!

2) Also, I went on a Camino in Spain in 2019 which inspired me to write a novel. I have since written my book (yay!) and was planning to find a traditional publisher. After 12 attempts of pitching to agents, I received little response, so I’ve decided to self- publish instead.

My launch date for Closer to Indigo is June 21, 2022. There’s still lots for me to do, so if you have any experience with book design, editing (in Mystical Realism & Travel Lit genres), fundraising or self-publishing and want to contribute in some way, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

3) Meanwhile, in October, I serendipitously came across an opportunity for a storytelling grant and took a chance and applied. Happily, they accepted my pitch and are green-lighting my project!

So now I’m working on a 10-episode, TV series called Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People. As the host, I guide you to some of my favorite hidden gems in Saanich, BC, Canada that I also feature in my forthcoming novel, Closer to Indigo. Touching on the mystical and spiritual side of nature, we’ll see examples of geological marvels, modern architecture and possibly even wildlife and we’ll explore how the residents and geography have shaped and influenced Vancouver Island today.

The 1st episodes will be shown on Telus Optik TV in mid-June, coordinating with the publication of my book!

This is a whole new experience for me and I’m going to need some extra hands so if you are someone who is likes nature, geology, spirituality and travel and have experience in TV production, I’d love to hear from you as well!

So that’s my good news! I’m so grateful that these creative opportunities have shown up for me as they have and that I have the time, space, talent and life experience to say yes to them! It’s truly magical how things are unfolding for me and I’m happy to share from my abundance!

It’s amazing to me that 2 years ago, I vowed to come out stronger on the other side of this COVID thing and even though we’re still in it, I’m already emerging as the woman I’ve always wanted to be.

Join me if you feel the energy! Maria

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