Here are 12 lifestyle choices you can make starting today that will help you boost your immunity, calm your nerves and enjoy better health:

1. Take control of, and responsibility for, your own health
2. Find ways to relax your mind and body, starting with closing your eyes, taking deep breaths and planting both feet on the ground
3. Follow your intuition and inner guidance
4. Change your diet radically by minimizing junk foods and maximizing whole foods
5. Use natural herbs and supplements, including real essential oils and raw honey
6. Move some energy to release suppressed emotions and to increase positive emotions
7. Embrace social support and reach out to your circle of friends and family
8. Deepen your spiritual connection to something bigger than yourself through prayer, meditation and acts of service
9. Be kind, generous and respectful towards yourself and your neighbours
10. Go outside and find the fun in your environment
11. Look for something to be grateful for and count your blessings
12. Have strong reasons for living

To me, health means freedom and I’m passionate about encouraging people to be proactive about their health so they can live life to the fullest!

Together in our Coaching sessions, we will focus mainly on…

• Getting CLARITY about your vision
• Having the STRENGTH to keep going and
• Enjoying the FREEDOM to live your life the way you want.

I’m currently accepting new coaching clients, so feel free to contact me and book your free blue sky coaching session to explore your options today!

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