by Maria Koropecky, Crystal Mapper

You may not know this about me but I’m a bit of a Star Trek, the Next Generation fan. Any other Trekkies out there watching the series these days?

So far, as a storyteller myself, I’ve really been enjoying the what-if scenarios and the literary, historic and geology references! I also appreciate the make-up, costumes and set design and the theme song always lifts me up.

It’s also a bit trippy to watch a series that was filmed in the 1980’s and ‘90’s, set 375 years in the future between star dates 2364-2370 and watching it 33 odd years down the road in 2023!

Wrap your head around that one, Space-Time continuum!

And then they introduced the “Elanin” crystal in the “Pen Pals” episode (S:2 EP:15, 1989) and I was delighted!

SARJENKA: What is this?
DR. PULASKI: That’s an ‘Elanin singer stone.’ It sings a different song for each person.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a crystal like that… A crystal that plays music??? I wonder what my song would be.

I’m guessing the white and brown swirly crystal they showed might be some sort of Agate here on earth and Brown Agates are very calming and help us stay centered and grounded. These crystals are great to use in meditation to connect with nature’s energy and be in the present moment. Also, Brown Agates help us align with our inner child, which is very fitting with how it was used in this Star Trek TNG episode.

How about you? Do you catch random crystal references in your day to day life? Do you like learning about crystals and the stories they tell? Do your ears perk up when someone says the word, “crystal?”

If you answered “YES, Maria! I love crystals, too!” – I’d love to invite you to a Crystal Mapping Session with me.

A Crystal Mapping Session is a heart to heart conversation that helps people figure out where they are now and where they’d like to go next using the wisdom of crystals.

Crystals help us tap into our intuition and it never ceases to amaze me how the crystals people choose from the map correspond with what we’ve been asking about! It works a charm every time!

So, if a Crystal Mapping Session sounds good to you, send me a message and sign up!

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