by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach & Author of Closer to Indigo

I remember one of the kids in my neighborhood singing, “Feelings, nothing more than orange peelings…” but there’s way more to them than that.

I attended a Zoom workshop for coaches this week and we spoke a little about feeling our feelings.

We were guided through a short meditation to see what would come up for us and my feelings, as usual, were right at the surface ready to pour out.

I closed my eyes and tuned into my throat area. I placed my hands on my throat and heard the word, “frog” in my mind. Tears ran down my cheeks as I accessed my body’s wisdom and thought about what frogs meant to me. I know frogs aren’t the prettiest of God’s creatures, but they’re actually quite wonderful!

Before I continue, just as background, I have been working on a series of “Spirit Animal” cards for my new service called, “Lightening Rounds” which are dynamic brainstorming consultations that leverage word games and random prompts to ignite creativity, inspire breakthroughs and offer valuable guidance to Spiritual Storytellers on their creative journey. If you’re interested, let me know.

Anyway, my spirit animal cards are all wildlife that you might come across on Vancouver Island and Frog is number 18 of 52 and I’m really happy with how the drawing of my frog turned out.

This is how Lightening Rounds work: If “frog” came up in your consultation with me, I’d ask you questions like, “What ideas would that spirit animal spark for you? And “How can you add them to your stories?”

I personally think of: “frog in my throat,” “kissing a bunch of frogs to meet your prince,” “leap frog children’s game,” “leap of faith,” “lily pads,” “green,” “tad poles,” “frog’s legs…”

With their green coloring, Frogs definitely help us connect to our heart chakra, our emotional center, and come to think of it, frogs are almost shaped like little hearts as they jump around the pond, adding their rhythmic “ribbets” to the symphony of nature.

Frogs also show us transformation by starting off as swimming tadpoles and then turning into frogs who live in fresh water and on dry land.

Green frogs also symbolize good luck, prosperity, growth, money, and trusting new beginnings. They’re also about courage, authenticity and the full moon – hello! Ultimately, they remind us to tune into our feelings, to speak up and let ourselves be heard, even if it makes us or others feel uncomfortable, because there’s a treasure waiting to be discovered underneath.

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