By Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach & Author

How often do you think about your sense of smell?

Is it a passive observer on the backburner or is it an active participant in your daily experiences like for an Aromatherapist, Perfumer, Chef, Sommelier, Priest, Healer, Food Scientist, Odour Tester or a Parent?

Have you ever thought of using essential oils as a Writer, Storyteller or Artist as well?

It seems our sense of smell is like a distant cousin who only comes to weddings and funerals but the truth is, the nose comes into play more than you might think.

These days I’m most excited about how to use essential oils in my writing and coaching.

To me, essential oils can be grouped into scent families:

  1. Aquatic/Fresh
  2. Camphor/Medicinal
  3. Chypre (Mossy)
  4. Citrus
  5. Earthy
  6. Exotic/Oriental
  7. Floral/Rose
  8. Fruity/Berry
  9. Herbaceous
  10. Minty
  11. Nutty
  12. Resinous/Musky
  13. Spicy
  14. Sweet/Mellow
  15. Tropical
  16. Woody

Can you imagine the transformative effect of infusing your writing with any of these different aromatic themes? The storyline can change dramatically with one simple tweak!

For example, a floral scene would read much differently than an spicy scene and a character who works in a beach town plays a different role than a traveler on the Silk Road and either way, essential oils can help bring those scenes to life!

Essential oils are a wonderful key to unlocking new dimensions in storytelling and if you’re interested in hearing more…

Well, follow your nose and join me on a journey where the wonders of essential oils intertwine with self-care, creativity and storytelling. As a proud member of the Aromatic Goddesses, I’ve witnessed firsthand the magic these potent plant essences bring to our lives.

And to help share our wisdom, the Aromatic Goddesses invite you to a free, live and interactive Essential Oils Masterclass on Zoom. Discover how these aromatic treasures can enrich your existence, including your storytelling endeavors.

During our masterclass, 5 Goddesses from our group will share their personal odyssey with essential oils, offering insights and wisdom:

1. Claire Bjerkan will unveil “Rose Oil: The Queen of the Oils – How She Can Help Manifest Your Desires.”
2. Dr. Elaine Rose will discuss “Beautiful Self-Care Practices.”
3. Krystyna Trybula will explore techniques for “Switching off, Winding Down & Enhancing Sleep.”
4. Michelle Cordy will focus on “Empowering Yourself Through Self-Love – Harnessing the Power of Essential Oils.”
5. And of course, I’ll elaborate on “Elevating Your Storytelling with Inspiring Essential Oils!”

The “ESSENTIAL OIL MAGIC MASTERCLASS,” will be held on Monday, May 13, at 11am Pacific Time, 2pm Eastern and 7 pm UK time.

We’ve actually sold out our first batch of tickets but we’ve decided to expand our event and add more seats!

Our sense of smell is indeed a precious gift, waiting to be explored and embraced. Join us on Monday as we dive deep into the enchanting realm of essential oils!

Here’s the link to Eventbrite to get your free ticket to our Essential Oil Magic Masterclass. We’d love for you to join us!


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