by Maria Koropecky, Free Your Story Retreat Leader

You may know that I love crystals but did you also know that I love essential oils, too?

As I said in a book I wrote back in 2006 called, How to Throw a Home Spa Pajama Party, essential oils are highly fragrant and concentrated oils produced by extracting the purest, most vital elements of a given plant (either from the roots, bark, flowers, fruits or leaves).

Essential oils can be a beautiful way to:
• bring the outdoors, in
• tap into your memories
• and heal physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

Essential oils are so versatile and you can:
• put them in a diffuser
• add them to your bathwater
• blend them in a massage oil
• or even create your own signature perfume!

And now that the holidays are just around the corner, I’ve been diffusing some essential oils to get into the spirit of the season, so when my friend who has a private label aromatherapy products business suggested I create my own custom essential oil blend to compliment my Closer to Indigo novel, my Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People TV series and my coaching retreats, I was like a kid in a candy store!

We quickly thought of a woodsy blend to capture the aroma of the evergreen trees here on Vancouver Island.

Don’t you just love the smell of trees when you walk through a forest after it rains?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make a blend of tree essences like cedarwood, cypress, fir, juniper berry and pine and bottle them so people can take the spirit of Vancouver Island back home with them after coming to one of my retreats?

I’m thinking of the name “Saanich” for my blend! How does that sound? Do you think I should go ahead with my idea? Would you be up for pre-ordering a bottle?

Contact me today to express your interest and we’ll see if we can make up a batch in time for the premiere of Saanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People, coming to TELUS Optik TV starting on December 20, 2022!

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