by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach & Author

“Inspire,” “Spirituality,” and “Ritual” are all interconnected words, with “spirituality” serving as the bridge between “inspire” and “ritual.”

Etymologically-speaking, “inspire” derives from Middle English “enspire,” originating from Old French “inspirer,” which in turn comes from Latin “inspirare,” meaning “to breathe or blow into.” This term was initially associated with divine or supernatural beings, signifying the act of imparting a truth or idea to someone.

As we immerse ourselves in the energies of Springtime, the Full Moon, and the upcoming Easter, it’s evident that this is a season ripe with potential and promise. Did you know that the date for Easter Sunday is determined by the first Sunday after the full Moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox?

Can you feel the energy?

For us Spiritual Storytellers, this is a particularly fertile time—a moment of fresh starts and renewed inspiration. Now is the perfect moment to embrace our roles as Spiritual Storytellers and to share our unique stories with the world.

Let the significance of Holy Week, the rebirth of Spring, and the illumination of tonight’s full moon inspire you to step boldly into your truth, allowing your inner light to shine brightly and your wisdom to be shared.

And as a Storytelling Coach for Spiritual Storytellers, I’m happy to offer you support on your journey as well!

And if you’re at all curious about what it means to be a “Spiritual Storyteller,” watch my video, “😇 🙏 📘 You are a #spiritual STORYTELLER if… | Author Interview | Closer to Indigo | EP 10/13,” to further inspire you on your spiritual journey of transformation today!

😇 🙏 📘 You are a #spiritual STORYTELLER if… | Author Interview | Closer to Indigo | EP 10/13

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