by Maria Koropecky, Writing Coach, Author & TV Host

As I’m listening to people talk about their expertise each week, I often find myself saying: “that would make a good social media post.”

I have plenty of interesting people in my networks who are very knowledgeable on some fascinating topics that if they could only share their wisdom with others, the world would be a better place.

I have also come across a handful of kind people on social media, who I probably would never have met on the street, who gave me some encouragement during a rough patch I was going through, just by posting daily videos.

That’s the magic of technology! It allows us to connect with each other in meaningful ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

And that’s why I’ve created a new group coaching program called, HOT OFF THE PRESS SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING and it’s starting on Monday, January 10, 2023!

Hot Off The Press Social Media Posting is all about developing a successful SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY based on your own style, preferences, personality, expertise, service and audience and then posting consistently to your chosen platforms so you can connect with and help your people and make a living doing what you love.

Each week, you’ll tell your stories via written posts, photos, graphics and videos and by the end of this group coaching program in March, 2023, you’ll authentically and organically:

  • Put Yourself Out There
  • Post High-Quality Content
  • Extend Your Reach
  • Build Trusting Relationships and
  • Create New Clients!

You’d Be a Good Fit For This Coaching Program if:

* you’re a storyteller, writer, artist, introvert, coach or business owner and you’d like to promote your work more successfully on social media
* you consider yourself coachable
* you have financial resources and are willing to invest in yourself
* you’re ready to put yourself out there and play a bigger game in life
* you’d like to be part of a fun community of like-minded content creators

Inside Hot Off The Press, we cover:

1 Who you are, what you do, and your big why
2 Who your ideal clients are, what they want, need & like, where they hang out, and how to connect with them
3 What to post, when to post, and where to post

Each week I’ll offer coaching on visibility blocks plus journal prompts, brainstorming games, email support, feedback on homework, likes & comments on your posts, and more!

Benefits include:

  • having an easy-to-follow social media marketing strategy
  • staying top of mind in your networks
  • building an online presence & email list
  • having lots of quality content to re-purpose
  • growing your network
  • developing your own posting style
  • boosting engagement
  • being seen & known as a leader
  • increasing your trustworthiness and
  • meeting new people from around the world!

Hot Off The Press Social Media Posting Group Coaching Program is on Mondays starting January 10, 2023 and running till March 28, 2023 from 11am-12:30pm Pacific / 2pm-3:30pm Eastern / 7pm-8:30pm UK

How does that sound? Message me if you’re interested! Early bird pricing on till January 3, 2023!

To register, email Maria today!

*****Only 12 spots!*****

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