Person on road facing writers block.

The Cambridge Dictionary says writer’s block is the condition of being unable to create a piece of written work because something in the mind prevents it.

Dr. Edmund Bergler coined the term, “Writer’s Blocks”  in 1947 but it has been rearing its ugly head since at least the early 1800s.

Authors who have wrestled with some form of Writer’s Block  include: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Leo Tolstoy, Virginia Woolf and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

If you’ve ever experienced Writer’s Blocks yourself, you know how frustrating and depressing they can be!

Writer’s Blocks Can Sound Like..

*now is not a good time

*writing is a lonely road

*writing a book is hard work and a serious undertaking

any many others.

I’ve uncovered 22 major Writer’s Blocks so far in my work as a Creative Writing Coach.

The truth is…

*now is the best time to write a novel because the more we share about our experiences, the more future generations will learn from us

*joining a writing community can help you make huge progress on your writer’s journey

*writing your thoughts, feelings, experiences and ideas into a narrative can be fun and easy!

Once you know your writer’s blocks and what’s underneath them, then it’s easy to clear them out of your way once and for all!

That’s where I come in!

As a creative writing coach, I can help!

I’m on a mission to help writers, artists and introverts like you to blast through writer’s blocks and discover the gold within so you can write the book you’ve always dreamed of writing!

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