by Maria Koropecky, Storytelling Coach & Author of Closer to Indigo

Imagine receiving an invitation to go on a spiritual pilgrimage like the Camino de Santiago, with no obstacles in your wayโ€”no concerns about money, time or responsibilities. Can you envision yourself stepping onto that path, feeling the crisp air on your face, and knowing that each step leads you closer to self-discovery and inner peace?

If YES, fantastic! Would you welcome some support before, during or after your profound journey?

As a Storytelling Coach who has walked this sacred path and gone deep into the healing power of pilgrimages, I’m here to offer guidance on your Camino adventure.

Curious about my journey? Dive into my recent videos, “Unlock Your Past To Unleash Your Future” and “This is it! Itโ€™s time to go on your Camino,” or explore my series, โ€œSaanich: Emerging Land; Emerging People,โ€ for insights and inspiration. And for further enlightenment, consider immersing yourself in my book, “Closer to Indigo,” which was born from my own transformative Camino experience in Spain in 2019.

If NO, what holds you back? Is it fear of the unknown, doubts about your readiness, or perhaps other commitments that seem insurmountable? Share your thoughts with me. Together, we can explore ways to overcome these barriers and unlock the potential for growth and transformation within you.

The Camino isn’t just a physical journeyโ€”it’s a soulful odyssey that invites you to connect with your innermost self and embrace the magic of the present moment. Whether you’re ready to lace up your boots or still contemplating the path ahead, know that you’re not alone. Let’s go on this journey together โ€“ and who knows, maybe youโ€™ll write your own story, too!

Send me a message if you’re ready to explore the possibilities!

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